Stephen Lavey College Up-Date

Mr. Olander, 

I wanted to update you on my time at Carleton College as another term has come to a close for me. 

 My classes this past fall went well, and I am becoming more certain in my future plans of majoring in biology with the intent of medical school after graduation. I am already looking forward to my classes next term, specifically Organic Chemistry, to better understand the field I am pursuing. Besides academics, I am also having a lot of fun participating on the cross country and track teams at Carleton College. I was able to compete at the national cross country championships this past fall with my team which was an amazing experience. 

I want to thank you and the Wisconsin Elks once again for supporting my education through the Wisconsin Elks Association Award. It means a lot to me to be assisted financially so that I can attend such a great school as Carleton College, so I really appreciate everything the Wisconsin Elks does for students like me. 

 Thank you, and please let me know if I need to send a copy of my latest transcript or if you need any other updated information. 

 Stephen Lavey 

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