Members of the Wisconsin Elks Assoc.

The Wisconsin Elks Board of Directors have made the following decisions for us to operate until we can have a Convention.

First I think you all know the May 2020 Convention has been canceled. Around the 1st of May P.S.P. Bob Bohnsack will, in a private setting, install Jerry Brien as the W.E.A. State President. In accordance with our by-laws when the position of President -Elect become vacant the V.P. from the District with the largest membership is first in line.  Dan Crum from the North west has accepted, on an interim term, the President -Elect position. He will hold this untill we have a Convention. All other Officers whose term will expire have agreed to stay on and so the W.E.A. B.O.D. have so declared them to fill those positions. So the only vacancy we have is for V.P. North West. This may be filled by the time you get this but if not please contact B.O.D. Chair Dave DeRosier with a name of a person who may be interested. Remember their Lodge has to be in the North West District.

A tentative working budget will be prepared and reviewed via the internet by the B.O.D. When a majority agreement happens this will be the working budget untill it can be voted upon at the next Convention. In accordance with our by-laws the W.E.A. President with approval of the B.O.D. and Lodges getting a 30 day notice can call for a special Convention. If this happens it will also be posted on the web site and on Facebook. If a Convention cannot be held before September then the Fall Conference will become the Convention.

The B.O.D. hopes everyone stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.

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