Add Drug Awareness Program Info in CLMS

1801 the most important number to the Drug Awareness Program when it comes to CLMS!!
There is still time to put your Drug Awareness Program information into CLMS.
Even if you had a DAP table\booth setup at another Elks function\event you still need to enter it for the Drug Awareness Program. For example if you give out 300 Easter Baskets with a Drug Awareness coloring book in each basket you would fill out the form for Drug Awareness with 300 Participants. With a program name of DAP coloring books in Easter Baskets. Another, example would be if you setup a table at your Lodge HoopShoot. If you had 100 Participants at the HoopShoot you would fill out the form for Drug Awareness has having 100 participants. The same goes for the rest of the information on the form.
Click the link below for the form:
I have also included a sheet that you can use for your records to keep track of your Drug Awareness events and numbers.
Click the link below for the total sheet.
Please give the completed event form to your Lodge Secretary after every event. This way they do not have to enter all the Drug Awareness events at one time. Also, by doing this your ER and Lodge Secretary can produce a report for you throughout the year showing you your results. 

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