Directory Changes



Donald J. Slavik has a new address effective March 3, 2017.  It is 285 W. Highland Park Avenue, Apt. 612, Appleton, WI  54911-1183.  His phone number and e-mail remain the same. (920-202-3312


Jeannie Lange is now a member of Oshkosh #292.  Her new address is 2880 Commander Court, Oshkosh, WI  54901.


Add to the Committee for the Disabled:  Darrell Timmerman, Platteville #1460.

Add to Youth Activities:  Gene Musolf, Wausau #248.

Please remove Bob Goetsch as Vice-Chair of Resolutions and Laws and Replace him with Gregg Vosswinkel, Milwaukee #46.

Credentials & Elections Committee:  Please remove Pam McGill and Jerry Hanson at their request.  Please add Colleen Anderson, Ashland #137, Ron Gillen, Platteville #1460 and Ben Godlewski, Waukesha #400.


John Mijal, Leading Knight, Wausau Elks Lodge #248, has a new e-mail address.  It is


Matt Russell is no longer BOD Chair.  The new Chair is Darrell Parker, 502 Volk Street, Portage, WI  53901.  (C) 608-577-5447, (e-mail)


There have been two changes to the State Committees.  Ryan Swantz is now chairman of Resolutions and Laws and Leah Kostuck is Vice-President of the Major Project Board of Directors.



Bill and Lynn Weinshrott are now members of Sheboygan #299.


Milt Swantz has transferred his membership to Watertown #666.


Michael Roth is listed as the Chairman.  Change your Directory to read Karl Hanke is the Chairman and Nikki Shannon is the Vice-Chair of ER/Leading Knight Advisory.


Jan Schultz has a new phone number.  It is 715-502-4655.  Her cell phone number is 715-498-3167.  Her new e-mail is


Manitowoc’s Lodge number is listed wrong on the web site.  It should be #687.


Todd and Leah Kostuck have a new address and e-mail.  Their new address is 7702 Kostuck Lane, Weston, WI,  54476.  Todd’s new e-mail is  His new cell phone number is 608-512-3045.  Please make these changes to the front of your Directory under Protocol at Conferences and Conventions and in the index in the back of the book.

The new Vice-Chair of the Americanism Committee is Mark Dutcher, Watertown #666.

The ER/Leading Knight Advisory Committee Chairperson is Karl Hanke, Wausau #248, and the Vice-Chairperson is Nikki Shannon, Beaver Dam # 1540.


Beaver Dam Elks Lodge #1540 has a new address.  It is P.O. Box 96, Beaver Dam, WI  53916-0096.

Jeffrey Miller has a new phone number and e-mail address  It is (C) 715-651-6534 and his e-mail address is

Barbara Miller has a new phone number and e-mail address  It is (C) 715-651-6535 and her e-mail address is

Troy Magnuson has a new address.  It is 805 East 5th Street, Superior, WI  54880.

Annie and Karl Hanke have a new address.  It is 3906 Pine Cone Lane, Wausau, WI  54402.

Susan Farina has a new home phone phone number.  It is 608-563-4661.

Natalie Brien has a new address.  It is 142 Woodland Court Kaukauna, WI  54130.


Norm Behnke’s new e-mail is